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Message from Principal

It is indeed a matter of great pleasure to welcome you all to an institution which is committed to create teachers for making students globally competitive and for sharing social responsibility for nation building and which has created a history by grooming the prospective teachers in the best possible way keeping in pace with the ever demanding needs of the society.

Professionally sound infrastruture, the support system, the facilities and facilitators, all combine with innovative teaching practices to transmit the necessary and the effective Pedagogy. The devoted, dedicated, highly qualified and renowned faculty has brought honour to the institution which has yielded splendid results in B.Ed., E.T.T. and M.A. Education as well as curricular and co-curricular activities by dint of enthusiasm. Education is light that shows mankind right direction to search. One of the fundamental aims of education is to find ways and means to enhance the academic achievement to those who are nation builders. The number of those whore are to be in the schooling age is increasing abd the result is that education is becoming important both from the view of wuality and quantity of life. The need of quality education can in no way be under emphasized. Only those nations who have placed emphasis upon quality in their life, in their world of work and also in the world of education have been able to make their mark. Out of all these, quality in the world of education is more important, as it is in ultimate analysis, to be root cause of all other types of qualities of life. Ina world based on science and technology, it is educatiuon that determines the level of properity, welfare and security of the people. Therefore, a teacher has to transform himself/herself as a potent agent of change and not merely act as a dispenser of knowledge. Let us, as teachers, try to have role models in our lives and try to imbibe inspiring reflections of those role models and justify our roles in the noble profession of teaching.

Dr. Manpreet Kaur
Ph.D (Education), M.Sc (Botany), M.Ed, UGC-NET (Education)